This Alone Is Love
A-Ha This Alone Is Love
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This Alone Is Love (5:13)
(Mags/Pal Waaktaar)

     Gm           Dm 
This alone is love
No small thing
This alone is love
D            Gm    Dm 
That my love brings
    Gm       Dm 
And all of us
                      Gm        Dm 
who are travelling by trap-doors
Our souls are a myriad of wars
        F           Gm 
And I'm losing everyone
Dm                   Am                 Gm Bb 
It will make my last breath pass out at dawn
Dm              Am                       G 
It will make my body dissolve out in the blue
Dm       Cm          Gm 
Oh baby, what can we do.

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