Back In Black
AC/DCBack In Black
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Back In Black

The song sounds in F  but I like better in E , if you want it in F 
just put a cappo on first fret.
I don't understand the lirycs.

E  D  A   (little lick)  E  D  A  A G# A# A B A# C B 
(one time, and two times singing)
 (E) A  E  B  A B , A  E  B  A B , G  D  A  G A , G  D  A  G A 
    A  E  B  A B , A  E  B  A B , G  D D D 
E  D  A   (lick) E  D  A  A G# A# A B A# C B 
(two times singing)
E  D  A E ,E ,E  D  A  E  A  E  A  E 
(four times while guitar solo)
riff in E  (twice)
riff in A 
riff in E 
E  D  A ....and fade out.

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