Bright Red Carpet
All Star United
All Star United Bright Red Carpet
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"All Star United"
Bright Red Carpet

Intro:        BmDAGEm 
Bm           Em                    G                   Em 
She's a neon girl, she follows that buzz To where it's found, 'cause
she's the scene,
       Em                 G           Em 
tinsel town calls her the queen
Bm            G            Em              G 
And that's alright, but if you demand spotlights,
             Bm                   G       Em                 G 
Get ready to blow, 'cause Heaven steps on false attempts to glow,  I
gotta know

Bm D     A                  G         Em 
Chorus:        Will you be there when they roll out, Bright red carpet?
D       A             G  Em 
Will I see you by my side?
Bm D     A                 G       Em 
Will you be there when we walk on, Bright red carpet?
D       A             G  Em 
Will I see you by my side?

Bm             Em               G                 Em           Bm 
He's a stylish guy, he steals a room, even looks good in everything
           Em                 G            Em 
Soon Hollywood will call him king
Bm          G            Em             G                 Bm 
And that's OK, 'cause Armani likes the way you wear your clothes,
              G           Em                G 
But Heaven's gate is no place for fashion shows, I gotta know

Repeat chorus

G             Em                        G 
You try so hard, and you get what you get
            Em                         G 
But in your heart I hope you never forget
           Em                G        Bb 
A selfish soul will never stroll,  on red carpet

Repeat chorus (3x: 1-Guitar solo, 2-chorus, 3-outro)

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