Flying Dutchman
Amos Tori
Amos Tori Flying Dutchman
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Flying Dutchman

Please Note: Attempting to transcribe piano music into something readable on
e-mail poses difficulties, but with a song like "Flying Dutchman" those
difficulties are multiplied greatly. To my knowledge, the sheet music has not
been published, and what appears here is what I have figured out by ear. I
have attempted to make this as complete as I could while making it legible.
In order to save my sanity, I have not transcribed the way (I think) Tori
plays all of the F -C -G  vamps, since she varies it almost every time. By
experimenting with the chords I give for the "main vamp", you should be able
to come reasonably close to the way the song sounds on the recording.

   (F BASS)                 (C BASS) 
F  | F  F  F  F  F  F  F..C  | C  C  C  C  C  C  C..C  |  
C  | C  C  C  C  C  C  C..Bb | Bb Bb Bb A  A  G  G..G  |  
Bb | Bb Bb Bb A  A  G  G..F  | F  F  F  F  F  F  F..F  |  
   (G BASS) 
   | C  C  C  C  C  C  C  C  | C  C  C  C...... 
   | G  G  G  G  G  G  G  G  | G  G  G  G  G... 
   | F  F  F  E  E  D  D  C  | C  B  B  A  B... 

   (F BASS)                 (C BASS)                 (G BASS) 
   F4       F     F2    F4 C7+4     F/C   C4       G7+4     C/G   G4 
F  | F  F  F  F  F  F  F  F  | F  F  F  F  F  F  F  F  | C  C  C  C  C  C  C  C  |  
C  | C  C  C  C  C  C  C  C  | C  C  C  C  C  C  C  C  | G  G  G  G  G  G  G  G  |  
Bb | Bb Bb Bb A  A  G  G  Bb | Bb Bb Bb A  A  G  G  F  | F  F  F  E  E  D  D  F  |  
(First time, third measure is repeated. Second time, follow above measures
with the following:)
   G7+4     C/G   C5 D5 Eb5 
   | C  C  C  C  C  C  D  Eb |  
   | G  G  G  G  G  G  A  Bb |  
   | F  F  F  E  E  C  D  Eb |  

Eb      D        (D    C)      D 
Hey kid, I got a ride for you
Eb      D       (C     D)   Eb         (Ab Eb) 
They say you're brain is a comic book tattoo, and you'll never be
Eb5           D5           C5 
What will you do with your life, oh that's
G5                C2 
All you hear from noon 'til night

D                G 
Take a trip on a rocketship, baby
Gb7                    G 
(Where) the sea is the sky
Gb7                G 
I know the guy who runs the place, and he's
A   G     D 
Oo--ut of sight.
F      C         G 
Flying Dutchman, are you out there?
F      C         G 
Flying Dutchman, are you out there?
F      C         G 
Flying Dutchman...

(C -D -Eb  riff, as shown above verse one)

Eb             D           (D  C)       D 
Straight suits, they don't understand
Eb       D     (C   D)       Eb     (Ab Eb) 
She tried that one with the alligator boots, but the other side
Drew her in
Eb5           D5             C5 
Heart falling fast, when she left, even the
G5            C2 
Milky Way was dressed in black

(repeat chorus)

 (G)               F  G            F       G (b5)-G5 
'Cause they can't see what you're born to be
           F  G     D2 
They can't see-- me
           F G          F             G (b5)-G5 
They can't be what they can't believe
           F  G          D2 
They can't see-- what you see...

(Vamp: F C G ) } 2X

Bb2                            C2                Eb2     G4 
Keep the boy spinning in their own little world, Aa--ah, Aa--ah
Bb2               C2                Eb2     G4 
Tie him up, so he won't say a word, Aa--ah, Aa--ah
Bb2                            C2                Eb2     G4 
Keep the boy spinning in their own little world, Aa--ah, Aa--ah
Bb2                     C2               Eb2       G4 
So afraid he'll be what they never were, Aa--ah... ahh

(repeat chorus)

 (G)              F  C  G                  F  C  G                  F  C  G 
'Cause they can't see... 'Cause they can't see... 'Cause they can't see...
                         F       C       G 
Are you still out there?  Oo-ohh, Oo-ohh-ohh... (Oh,)
F               C 
They can't see, they can't see,
You know, you know, you're jumping from a high jump
F               C 
Hide your love, hide your love
So many know, you know, but them, they can't see...

(Vamp: F C G ) } 2X

(Play following piano/violin melody second time over vamp)
F               C               G 
/ / / / / / / /|/ / / / / / / /|/ / / / / / / /|/ / / / / / / /|
D D D C........ | ..............F | F F F E E D D C | C A A C B A G   |  

(Vamp: F C G ) 2X, end song on G  chord.

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