Bad Company
Bad Company
Bad Company Bad Company
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"Bad Company"
Bad Company

C ComAm panDm y G Always Dm on C the Dm run
C DesAm tenDm y G oooh is Dm the C rising Dm sun
C I Am was Dm born G six Dm gun in C my Dm hand
C Behind Am a Dm gun I G make my Dm finC al Dm stand
That's why they call me

chorus:        Bb Bad A company and I can't Dm deny
Bb Bad A company till the day I Dm die

C ReAm bel Dm souls G deserters Dm we C are Dm called
C Chose Am a Dm gun and G threw Dm away C the Dm sun
C Now Am these Dm towns G they Dm all know C are Dm name
C Six Am gun Dm sound G is our Dm claim C to Dm fame
I could here them say


I am not to sure about the chorus chords,
but anyway it gives you the
basic idea of the song.

NOTE: the tab I posted for this song
is not very acurate.

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