Green Day
Green Day Jaded
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Chords notes:
Tune down 1/2 step below standard pitch
A   (x133xx) or (688xxx)               (Is up to you to choose one of the
B   (x255xx) or (799xxx)                formations, the one you feel more
C   (x355xx) or (8-10-10-xxx)           comfortable with)
C#  (x466xx)
D   (x577xx)
D#  (x688xx)
E   (022xxx)
E(type 2)   (x799xx) or (0799xxx)  The second one I use it when I palm mute
                                  that chord, but using only the (0xxxxx)
B(type 2)   (xx9-11-12-x)  or (x-9-9-11-12-x)

Intro/Verse:    A, G, D 

Chorus:        D, A, G, A, G 
D, E 

Ending:        A

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