I Go Blind
54-40 I Go Blind
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I Go Blind

Someone requested some old 54-40, so this being one of my
favourite bands and one of my favourite songs from this band, I thought
I would post the tune I GO BLIND off their first album....
G      C      B       A         G 
Every time I look at you I go blind
        C      B      A          G 
(every time I look at you I go blind)
Repeat this twice....
G        C     B     A     G   C      B     A          G 
In the morning I get up and I try to feel alive but I cant
         C     B      A          G 
(every time I look at you I go blind)
 G     C     B      A   G        C      B        A         G 
I dont know what it is something in me just wont give it a chance
G C G A  G C B A 
C                              C                   G 
I think its that I feel more confused by the things life has shown
me  C B A  G C B A 
Little child did you know that there's a light
(and its going to shine right thru your eyes)
What did you think that life is like?
(everytime I look at you I go blind)
key change here: chord progression is now: C F E7 Dsus2 
Somewhere, over there, there's a purpose  there's a care for free
G C B A 
In me there's nobody, no one plan, no one stand to be free
I think that its because, I have seen all the fuss and
its no big deal (no big deal)
Hold me hold me cos I want to get higher and higher, higher than
Hold me hold me cos I want ot get higher and higher, higher than
Hope this helps!! Cheers, all!
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