Sycamore Leaves
A-Ha Sycamore Leaves
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Sycamore Leaves (5:22)
(Pal Waaktaar)

A* 0022x0 
Hm* class='c_tabs' style='color: #996633;'>024400 

Em                          Db 
Can't stop thinking 'bout it
Em               Am* Hm* 
It fills me with unease
Em                       A*-Db 
Out there by the roadside something's buried
D               Em 
Under sycamore leaves
Wet grounds, late September
The foliage of the trees
I came upon this feeling that someone's lying
Covered by sycamore leaves
D                      Em 
And I could never face it
D                   Em 
And take a look and see
D                       Em 
And I could never break out
D                      Em 
And shake it's grip on me

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