ABBA Angeleyes
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Here's my attempt at Angeleyes by Abba from the Voulez-Vous album.

                B                                 G#m 
C#m7                   F# 
Verse1:        Last  night  I  was  taking  a  walk  along  the  river,  and  I
saw  him  together
                B                                  G#m 
with  a  young  girl  and  the  look  that  he  gave  her  made  me  shiver
'cause  he
F#                            B                                     F# 
G#m            F# 
always  used  to  look  at  me  that  way      and  I  thought  maybe  I
should  walk
           B                            F#          G#m                 C#7 
right  up  to  her  and  say :  Ah__    it's  a  game  he  likes  to  play...

                F#11                     B 
Chorus:        Look  into  his  angeleyes  one  look  and  you're  hypnotized
he'll  take  your
        B                              C#m7                 F#    F#11 
heart  and  you  must  pay  the  price.         Look  into  his  angeleyes
you'll  think
                     F#                                              B 
E                           B        F# 
you're  in  paradise  and  one  day  you'll  find  out  he  wears  a
disguise.     Don't
                  B                             C#m7 
F#11            B 
look  to  deep  into  those  angeleyes____       Oh,  no  no  no  no____

verse2:        Sometimes when I'm lonely I sit and think about him
And it hurts to remember all the good times
when I thought I could never live without him,
and I wonder does it have to be the same
every time, when I see him
will it bring back all the pain Ah__
how can I forget that name?


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