As Good As New
ABBA As Good As New
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As Good As New

Here are the chords to As Good As New byAbba from the Voulez-Vous album.

I'll (Gm ) never know why I had to go, why I had to put up such a (F ) lousy
rotten show. Boy (Gm ), I was tough, packin' all my stuff, sayin' I don't
need you anymore (F ) I've had enough. And now (Bb ), look (C ) at me
standin' (F ) here again (Dm7 ) 'cause I (Bb ) found (C ) out that- ma (Am ) ma
ma ma ma ma ma ma (G#m7 ) ma ma ma ma ma ma ma My (Gm7 ) life is here, gotta
have you near (C ).

Chorus:        As (F ) good as new, my love (C ) for you, and keeping (F ) it that
way is my intention (C ). As good (F ) as new, and growing (Bb ) too, yes I
think (Gm7 ) it's taking on (C7 ) a new di(F )mension. It's (C7 ) as good as
new (F ), my love (C ) for you, just like (F ) it used to be and even better
(C ), as good (F ) as new thank god (Bb ) it's true (F ) darling (Gm7 ) we
were always meant (C7 ) to stay together (F ).

verse2:        then (chorus) then instrumental
Bb   C   F   Dm   Bb  C  F 
I (Dm7 ) thought (G7 ) that our love
(C ) was never meant (Am ) but here (Dm7 ) I am (G7 ) again (C7 ).


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