Hearts on fire
Adams Bryan
Adams Bryan Hearts on fire
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Into the fire (1987)
Hearts on fire
(Bryan Adams)

D    A    E        A 
Verse 1:    Some other time Some other place
D    A    E        A 
We might not have been here standin' face to face
D    A    E        A 
I just wanna tell ya made up my mind
D    A    E        A 
You know I can't help the way I feel inside

E        D    A    E            D 
Chorus:        Oh this hearts on fire right from the start it's bin burnin' for you
E        D    A    E            D    A 
Oh this hearts on fire one thing honey - This heart's true

Verse 2:    The streets are empty the lights are down
Ain't nothin' movin' this side of town
So come on over ain't hard to please
Oh baby - what you get ain't always what you need

Chorus:        Oh this hearts on fire it's getting hotter now can't you see
Oh this hearts on fire from now on baby it's gonna be you and me

C            G        D        A 
Bridge:        Risin' to my feet I can feel the heat it's tryin' to pull me under
C            G            D        A 
Runnin' through the night I can make it right it's coming on like thunder

Verse 3:    Some got it good some got it bad but you're the best I ever had
I never worry you're so fine from now on baby I'm gonna be your side


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