I Do It For You
Adams Bryan
Adams Bryan I Do It For You
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I Do It For You

Verse 1:    D Look into mA y eyes, yG ou will see wA hat you mean to me
Search yD our heart, searA ch your soG ul and when you find me there,
G you'll D searchA  no more
DA on't Em tell me it's noD/F# t worthEm/G  trying for
D/F# You can't Em tell me it's noD/F# t wortEm/G h dying for
You know iD t's trA ue, everDsus2 ything I do, I do it for you

Verse2:        D Look into youA r heart, you wilG l find, there'Asus4 s nothiA ng there to hide
TA ake me aD s I am, A take my liG fe, I would gD ive iA t all, I would sacrifice
DA on't Em tell me it's noD t worth fEm ightD/E ing for
ID/E  can't Em help it, therD e'sEm  nothing I want more
YEm ou know it's D true, A everythiD ng I dDsus o, I dD o it for you

Bridge:        D TherC e's no loF ve like your lC ove, and G no other could give more love
TherD e's no wA here unless yoE u're thereA , all the time, all the way

Solo:        G   D    Dsus   D   G   D     Dsus  D 

Last Chorus:    D Oh you caEm n't tell me it's nA ot worth trying for
I caEm n't help it there'sA  nothing I want more
G Yeah I woD uld fight fA or you, I'd liG e for you, walk the wire for you
Yeah Gm I'd die for you
You knoD w it's trueAsus , eveA rythinG g IG6  do,   oD h,     I do it for you

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