This Time
Adams Bryan
Adams Bryan This Time
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Cuts Like A Knife (A&M 1983)
This Time
(Bryan Adams)

A D G E A D G E 
A D G E A D G E D 
                  A         F#m             E    D 
I think about her all the time, she's my fantasy
                  A        F#m              E    D 
An image burning in my mind, calling out to me
               A                      Bm7 
While my imagination's running wild, yeah
                     E      Bm7 
Things are getting clearer, oh
A     D 
This time
   G           E 
Everything is all right
A   D         G          E 
No way she's gonna get away
A     D       G         E 
This time everything is easy
A    D G                     E 
Any day I'm gonna make her mine
I thought of every word I'd say, give or take a few
But she turns and slowly walks away, what do I have to do?
Hey turn up your radio, oh
There's something I want you to know, yeah
      F#m                       E 
It's hard to take, cause she's miles away
          F#m           E 
And I've waited a long time
But the feeling is right
         E                Bm7 
Darling one of these nights, yeah
I'm gonna let you know, oh

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