Bed of Nails
Alice Cooper
Alice Cooper Bed of Nails
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Bed of Nails

The intro is a minor chorded pattern played mostly by the organ; the vocals are
The drum roll starts. . . .

Intro:        B -B -B -A -G -G -B -B 

B         D       B 
Verse:        Yeah we're gonna fight
B         D       B 
We do it every night
A         C        A 
Baby when you scratch
B         D        B 
You know I'm gonna bite
B         D        B 
You can make me die
B         D        B 
I can make you cry
A    C     A        B          D        B 
Opposites attract, that's the reason why

E    F#        G            A           B 
Bridge:        No one else could make you feel like I do, I do, I do
E    F#          G         A              B 
No one ever gets as deep inside you as I do, baby

B    G          A         B 
Chorus:        Our love is a bed of nails
G        B           A 
Love hurts good on a bed of nails
B      G                    A                  B 
I'll lay you down and when all else fails
I'll drive you like a hammer on a bed of nails

(Play intro riff again)
(Repeat intro riff during solo and ending)
Keep on rocking till school's out forever. . .

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