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Percolater (1992)

Here's a quick (minute and a half) and
easy (3 chords) song by All, off
one of their better pre-Interscope albums.

Chords used:    ----------------------------------
    E        A        B 

E                    A                 E 
I thought you could take me away for a minute
E                      A                  B 
But now I know it was just that way for a minute
A         B    A      B 
I told no lies, no alibis
E           A                   E 
Our little love was real for a minute

E                   A               E 
Good thing I could only stay for a minute
E            A                        B 
I've never felt that way, even for a minute
       A            B 
For a minute, I believed in you
A                 B 
There was nothing I wouldn't do
       A                         E            B 
For a minute with you I gave up everything I had

E                    A                 E 
Now it's over and I feel relief for a minute
    E                      A                B 
I criticize trouble and I end up being the one who's in it
A                B     A                 B 
My shame grows strong, I know I've done wrong
E                A                 E 
But our little love was real for a minute

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