All Star United
All Star United Lullaby
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(Words & Music: Ian Eskelin)

Chords: B -799877  F# -x,9,11,11,11,9  E -x79997  G#m -466444

B              F# 
        Just close your eyes
E           F# 
Take in the tune I send to you
B         F# 
Oh my lullaby
E                    F#                       E 
Can soothe when your friends have moved to Neptune

               F#             B        G#m      E 
Chorus:        It must be the way that I can hear you say this now
          F#                   B       G#m          E 
Dont be afraid just know that Ill be with you somehow
            F#                   B           G#m       E 
All of your cries soon they will drown in my lullabies
                F#                   B 
Just close your eyes, just close your eyes

B         F# 
        Dont be afraid
E                  F# 
When the day has become your lions den
B               F# 
Its pure concentrate
E               F# 
Your comforting words have marked a trend
B             F# 
Im giving up wishing on the falling stars
E                F#                         B 
Im living up to something new Ive made a vow
              F#                  E 
Its taken me high its taken me far
                       F#                         E 
Ill keep singing your tune youll hear it all around

Repeat Chorus

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