Saviour of My Universe
All Star United
All Star United Saviour of My Universe
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Saviour of My Universe

A2 =x02200
Bsus =x24400
F#7sus =x,9,11,11,0,0
G#7sus =x,11,13,13,0,0
F#m =244222

Introduction:    A2  Bsus  F#7sus 
A2  Bsus  F#7sus  G#7sus 

A2      Bsus              F#7sus 
Verse:        I don't propose that we preserve
A2       Bsus           F#7sus         G#7sus 
All the world inside a fragile ball of glass
A2             Bsus               F#7sus 
Cause I'm the first to throw the curve
A2       Bsus               F#7sus         G#7sus 
Bringin all, that perfect ball down in a crash

 F#m         D        A            E 
Bridge:        Oh it's that feelin, comin back again
        F#m    D                  A            E 
Turnin earth around and pounding sirens in my head
             F#m  D         A               E 
Well there's only one cure, that I know for sure
            D                   E 
And it goes on and goes on and on

            D               A 
Chorus:        And when it all is said and done
          D                   F#m 
Until the end, yes you're the only one
A     E      D             A 
And when the world is in reverse
           D            F#m?  D 
Youre the saviour of my universe

A2        Bsus                F#7sus 
Verse:        I don't suppose I'm prone to trouble
A2        Bsus          F#7sus     G#7sus 
Though I always do the very best I can
A2    Bsus            F#7sus 
My universe, a leaky bubble
A2          Bsus            F#7sus        G#7sus 
Pinned by a friend and only then did it expand

Bridge } x1
Chorus } x2

End:        D  A  D  F#m  A E  \
D  A  D  F#m      / x2 

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