Better Times
Allusion Better Times
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Better Times
(words and music by a. fering)
(solo guitar, g. johnson)

intro: rhythm guitar only
G  D  C  G 
ok, here's where you sing too, it's tough...
everyone else in the band comes in here too,
bass slide down.
G do you rememberD when we were friends
C sittin around, not doin' G anything.
g those days are gone d just a memory
c kind of wish that, you were here and
g we could talk again
now do the damn progression:
G D C G 
g do you rememberd the times we had?
c i'd sell my soulg for just a minute that
g those times are goned and far behind
c they're non-existantg but they're in my mind
now do the progression twice, and greg does his solo shit.
just improvise, if you can't make anything fit, you need lessons.
G D C G 
G D C G 
g we'll never bed like we were before
c but don't forgetg you're welcome at my door
g there were better timesd when the world was mine
c but nothing holds trueg it's all a big decline
G D C G 
rhythm guitar again, and voice, light light percussion
1st verse, ending with a decreshendow mama.
(clap clap clap, cheering, panties on the stage)
you did good!
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