Alphaville Faith
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Prostitute (1994)
(Gold/Lloyd/Echolette - Gold/Lloyd/Echolette/Bloss)

C                   G             Am        F 
Wake up in the morning still I heard this song
Must be somewhere from my dreams I don't know
Made me feel so good, sun was shining bright
God I love you that you brought this little song
To give me faith
G      Am      F 
In the morning
I need your faith
To go on, yeah
Give me some faith
Can't get enough of that sweet feeling
Give me faith oh yeah
Keep the faith
Sweet little girl lying next to me
Sunlight's playing on your face with some shadows
You're so beautiful, dream on, dream on, lady
I'm gonna wake you up when the time is right
I'll give you faith
In the morning...
One day I shall be released by my creator
Going home to where I came from long ago
And the big wheel keeps on turning round and round
Into eternity with me to cosmic meadows
I will be there with all my friends....
In the morning
I need you, faith
To go on yeah
Give me your love and your affection
And I'll keep the faith
I'll keep the faith, oh yeah
I'll keep the faith
Give me faith
God bless you, faith
In the morning...

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