The one thing
Alphaville The one thing
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Prostitute (1994)
The one thing

     Cm7                F7                 Bb              Dm 
With all the Grace that you possess you're telling me your lies
A kiss, a touch, a gentle stroke a look into my eyes
Your promises and fairy tales have all turned into dust
Your star was high, your kingdom grew in vain now fades at last
That is the 1 thing I know
Stop talking, stop talking with that voice
Stop ! I can't stand it when I look into your eyes
Stop talking who do you think you are
Stop, you're too perfect but this time you've gone too far
    Dbm7          Gb7              Cb                  Ebm 
How can you be so sure about those tears you're giving me
Your mysteries and agonies show no effect on me
I can't believe the love we shared would ever grew so old
Your warm embrace was heaven but tonight it feels so cold
Cm7 F7 Bb Dm 
Stop talking
Stop talking
That is the 1 thing I know
Ab7           Db   Fm 
The 1 thing I know
That is the 1 thing I know
When I look into your eyes
That is the 1 thing I know
I can't stand it I can't stand it no more

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