Haley's Comet
Alvin Dave
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"Blue Blvd"
Haley's Comet

Intro (8 bars): |G |D C | } played 4 times

G                            C 
VERSE:        "Do you know who I am?" said Bill Haley
G                               D 
in a pancake house near the Rio Grande
G                                         C 
the waitress said, "I don't know you from diddley"
G                   D                G    C 
"To me you're just another tired old man"

VERSE 2:    He walked alone down on Main street
a hot wind was blowing up from the south
there were two eyes staring in a pawn shop window
and a whiskey bottle was lifted up to his mouth

C                 D              G 
CHORUS:        there was no moon shining on the Rio Grande
C             D                       G 
as a truck of migrants pulled through town
C                   D             G   D/F# Em D 
and the jukebox was busted at the bus de - pot
C                           |  G  |  D C  |  G  |  D C  |  
when Haley's Comet hit the ground

VERSE 3:    He blacked out all the windows in his bedroom
he was talking to the ceiling and the walls
he closed his eyes and hit the stage in 1955
as the screams of the children filled the hall

repeat CHORUS

VERSE 4:    This cop walked into a pancake house in Texas
and ordered up a couple of cups to go
and he tells the waitress, "Hey, I just found the body
of some guy who was famous long ago"

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