Here and Now
Amitri Del
Amitri Del Here and Now
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Here and Now

Timings a little off, but the notes are right
 G              G                G                D         C C 
and repeat it
G  C    G        D                           C 
Hey I’m with you, let me just get you a light
    G       C          G 
And if we’d thought to listen
              D                               C 
We might have checked if the weather was right.
    Am                  Am/G               C   D7 
And I don’t mind if you want to drive all day.
G   C     G       D                          C 
Hey, it’s raining, I should have brought my coat
    G     C           G 
And sometimes I could sell my soul
        D                  C 
Just to sit and watch you smoke.
    Am                  Am/G              C    D7 
And I don’t mind if you want to break my heart.
              G D C 
‘Cos you can burn paper.
         G   D   C 
You can turn a wheel
        G      D      C 
But you can’t change later
         Am           Am           D  D 
Here and now just how good we can feel.
G  C      G       D                         C 
Hey, stop talking, think I can hear the sea.
    G     C            G 
And did I tell you the sound of the surf
      D                        C 
Makes strange things happen to me
    Am                  Am/G               C  D7 
And I don’t mind if you want to crash the car.
              G D C 
‘Cos you can turn traitor
        G     D      C 
You can turn on your heels
        G     D       C 
But you can’t change later,
         Am           Am           D  D 
Here and now just how good we can feel.
    C            C           G                        D 
And hey don’t worry, so that black cat’s some kind of curse
        C                    C 
‘Cos if bad times are coming up ahead,
     D                 D7 D7 D7 
Just put us in reverse.
G                           G                          C     C 
I don’t want to waste time, thinking ‘bout it here and now babe
G                                   G            C        C 
Nothing else matters but what we’ve got here and now babe.

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