Amos Tori
Amos Tori Twinkle
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"Boys For Pele"

These are just the lyrics + suggested piano transcription

sure that star can twinkle
and you're watching it do
boy so hard boy sohard
but i know a girl
twice as hard
and I'm sure
said I'm sure
she's watching it too
no matter what tie she's got in her right dresser
I know she's watching that star
gonna twinkle
gonna twinkle
gonna twinkle
and last time I knew
she worked at an Abbey in Iona
she said "I killed a man T
I've gotta stay hidden in this Abbey"
but I can see that star
when she twinkles
and she twinkles
cause I sure can
that means
I sure can
that means
I sure can
so hard
so hard

c1 g fg c2 g -  and variations, intro
c1  |  c1 h g  |  c1  |  g  |  

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