Let Go of the Stone
Anderson John
Anderson John Let Go of the Stone
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Let Go of the Stone
(John Anderson)

F             C 
        You shouldn't wade out in deep water
when you don't know how to swim
He told you it was over
and like a fool you followed him
                 G7/B    Am  G 
into a whirlpool of emotion
F            C/E        Dm 
spinnin' out of control
     G7                                 C 
It's killin' you, but you won't let him go

Chorus:        Let go of the stone
if you don't wanna drown
              G         G7 
in the sea of heartache
that's draggin' you down
It's pulling you under
and you keep hangin' on
If I'm ever gonna save you
Let go of the stone

        Oh don't you realize the danger
and the hurt you're headed for
Put your arms around me
and swim with me to shore
Just let go of that ol' mem'ry
I know it's hard to do
But I'll be here
holding on to you



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