No Secrets
Angels No Secrets
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No Secrets

    Em                G                 C                 C 

Amanda the actress
Waits at the station
She's listenin' with nothin' to do
With Bellaton steps
She's quick to accept
The weather in times turn a screw
She lives in a tower
Armed with defences
She learned from her mother and friends
She walk like a fellow
Dresses in day-glo
When she's in pain she pretends

Pre-chorus:    ('Cause) G late in the night
When the D lights are all on
She C slips off her stockings and shoes
She Em makes you her lover
And D lets you discover
The C smile she keeps
She keeps for D you

C Bm A 

Chorus:        G She keeps no                  \
D She keeps no                   } x 3
C She keeps no secrets from you /

D C Bm A 

Stays in the morning
Wearing her shadow
She throws her dice
And I change
Success in Japan
A rescuing man
No she won't change anything


She don't keep no secrets

Break:        Em G C C 

Chorus (etc)

Outro:        G D C  per chorus
D E F# G 
(whispered) Can you please tell me what the time is

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