Apple Fiona
Apple Fiona Shadowboxer
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(Words by: Fiona Apple)

Verse:        Dm  - Dm7  - G7  } x2
Dm  - Am  - G7  } x1
Dm  - Dm7  - G7  } x1

*NOTE: For the G7  chord, I throw in a pinky on the 3rd fret every now again
so it'll sound like what she does on the piano.

Bridge:        Em  - Dm  - Am 
". . to ever let. . " - Em  - Dm  - F  - Em  - Dm 

Refrain:    C  - F  - Em  - G#7 


Verse:        Once my lover, now my friend
what a cruel thing to pretend
What a cunning way to condescend
Once my lover, now my friend
Oh you creep up like the clouds
And you set my soul at ease
Then you let your love abound
And you bring me to my knees

BRIDGE:        Oh it's evil, babe, the way you let you grace enrapture me
When well you know, I'd be insane - to ever let that dirty game recapture me

REFRAIN:    You made me a Shadowboxer, baby
I wanna be ready for what you do
I been swinging all around me
Cause I don't know when you gonna make your move

VERSE2:        Oh your grace is dangerous
And you fill your space so sweet
If I let you get too close
You'll set your spell on me
So darlin' i just wanna say
Just in case I don't come through
I was on to every play
I just wanted you

BRIDGE:        But oh it's so evil, my love, the way you make no reverence to my concern
So i'll be sure to stay wary of you, love, to save the pain of once my flame
and twice my burn

REFRAIN:    (like above)  // I believe the first or second time on the refrain she says
"So i'm your. "

I hope you enjoy this and get good use out of it.

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