Pinch and Roll
Aquabats Pinch and Roll
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"Return of the Aquabats"
Pinch and Roll

This is palyed with bar chords,
the up stroke ska style
(Verse Chords)
C             G              C 
Everyday when I get in my car
It's a Honda, you know
C              G                  C 
I sit on down but I don't get too far
You wanna know why?
C                         G 
'Cuz I've gotta reach down
                  C       G 
And scratch an itch
In an area, an area
G                   C     G 
That's so sensitive
So I do a
Pinch and Roll } x2
Everybody do a
Pinch and Roll } x2
If you're itchy do a
Pinch and Roll } x2
We don't scratch, we do a
Pinch and Roll } x2
Everybody do the pinch and role
(Verse Chords)
So if you've got a problem
You know what to do
Whether you're watching TV
Or sniffing airplane glue
Which we don't do
Now the girls don't know
But us guys we all know
How to do a little dance
We call the Pinch and Roll
And we do the
(Untranslatable nonsense
A sorry attempt at toasting)
(Complete jabber in a Terrible Jamaican accent)
Pick it up } x6
(Verse Chords)
Now if you've got a rash
Or a minor glitch
Stick your hands on down
And give yourself a big pinch
Then you roll it around
Around and round it goes
But after you're done
Make sure you know where it goes
Not in your nose

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