Hot Rod Lincoln
Asleep At The Wheel
Asleep At The Wheel Hot Rod Lincoln
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Hot Rod Lincoln

I've never seen it published. We play it in E , so the chords are like E ,
A , and B . The trick is the "chicken picking" speed. So, if you already
know a walking bass line in E , then just triple your notes and "chicken
pick it" for that Commander Cody feel.
Rather than do TAB, we have a nifty guitar notation that might work. I'm
a TAB user myself, but I find typing it to be cumbersome so this notation
is a fairly decent substitution.

first number = string/second number = fret
B                       B!    B!     6/3 (bend full)
Don't stop driving that Hot   Rod   Lincoln
6/0+++  6/3 (hammer on)  6/4++   5/2+++   5/4 (pull off) 5/2
5/0+++  5/3 (h.o.)       5/4++   4/2+++   4/4 (p.o.)     4/2
5/2+++  4/1+++  4/4++  3/1  4/4
4/2++   5/4++   5/2++   6/4++  (start again at 6/0)
I'm not sure if I really "pick" each note the number of times (denoted by
the ++++) I wrote, but I just play that basic walking bass pattern and
pick the heck out of it.

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