I'll Be Your Man
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I'll Be Your Man
(Russ Giguere)

Note: The guitars are capoed at the 3rd fret. The chords are written as
they sound on the top line and as they are played (in brackets) on the
bottom line; all indicated fingerings are relative to the capo.

Guitar 1 (capo 3):
 C/F    Bb/F    C/F    Bb/F 
(A/D )   (G/D )  (A/D )   (G/D )    A/D : xx0655  G/D : xx0433
guitar 2 (capo 3):
 C/F     Bb/F   C/F    Bb/F              1 
(A/D )   (G/D )  (A/D )   (G/D )    A/D : xx0909  G/D : xx0787

 F                    Bb     C      F 
(D )                  (G )    (A )    (D )
Verse 1:    Where were you when I need...ed you so
                                 (Bm )
Where were you when I called your name
 F                        Bb      C     F 
(D )                      (G )     (A )   (D )
Where are you now when I need    you again
   Dm                             Csus4   C   Csus2   C 
  (Bm )                           (Asus4 ) (A ) (Asus2 ) (A )
I guess that things just stay the same

Verse 2:    Where's the feelin' you told me you had
The feelin' you said would never change
I was again just like all the rest
I guess that things just stay the same

Chorus (w/background vocals second time only):
 F              Bb C    F    Bb   C  F 
(D )            (G )(A )  (D )  (G )  (A )(D )
But if we ever  meet  again (meet again)
                       Bb    C       F     Bb     C    F 
                      (G )   (A )     (D )   (G )    (A )  (D )
And if-a you need   a true lovin' friend (true lovin' friend)
                      Bb  C      F         Bb C   F 
                     (G ) (A )    (D )       (G )(A ) (D )
Just look my way and give me a smile (give me a smile)
                      Bb  C 
                     (G ) (A )
And you can stay with me  a...
1:  Dm  Bb  C    Bb/C  C 
   (Bm.)(G ) (A )   (G/A)(A )
    whi-hi-hile            (to verse 30
2:  Dm 
   (Bm )
    while            (to coda)

Verse 3:    If I could start all over again
You know I'd start again with you
So says my heart but my mind can see
That what we had is through

repeat chorus

 (Dm )            C 
((Bm ))          (A )
 As long as you can (long as you can, long as you can, long as you can)
I'll be your...
    Eb         AbaddBb        Fsus2  Fsus4   F6/9 
   (C )         (FaddG )       (Dsus2 )(Dsus4 ) (D6/9 )
    /  /  /  /    /  /  /  /    /  /  /  /    /
FaddG : xx3213   Dsus2 : xx0210   Dsus4 : xx0233   D6/9 : xx0455

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