Standing Still
Association Standing Still
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Standing Still
(Ted Bluechel, Jr.)

Em9       Bm      Em9       Bm 
 / / / /  / / / /  / / / /  / / / /

Em9             Bm             C                 A 
Verse 1:    Stay by me and tell me how my kiss can cause a change in you
Em9             Bm                 C              A 
Send out your thoughts on love in tender phrases proven true

C              Am 
Chorus:        We found what seems to be
C                 Am 
A love that will always be
    Gmaj7               Bm7               C 
The kind of thing that makes the rest of life seem to be
 A  Asus4  A     A  Asus4 A 
Standing still

Verse 2:    Gentle warmth flows through my soul each time my lips come close
to yours
The beauty of the moment makes the kiss worth waiting for

repeat chorus
guitar and English horn solos over verse chords
repeat chorus with wordless vocals

Verse 3:    Words could never say as much as the silence of a lovers' kiss
Now our lives seem to blend into a timeless eternal bliss

repeat chorus; end cold

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