Wasn't It A Bit Like Now (Parallel '23)
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Association Wasn't It A Bit Like Now (Parallel '23)
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Wasn't It A Bit Like Now (Parallel '23)
(Terry Kirkman)

F7 F#7 G7         (5X; start to fade 3rd time)

Verse:        Silly bubbles effervesce
In the mothball smell of a beaded dress
The "Oh, you kid"s, the marathons
     Bb          Gb7       F7 
The bathtub gin, hungover dawns
The round-framed picture, the flat straw hat
The long-nosed roadster at a mile a minute flat
The bell-bottom pants, the fine silk vest
Are all tucked away in her cedar chest

Chorus:        Ah-ha-ha   Ah-ha-ha
                F7 E7 F7 
Ah-ha-ha-ha-ha  ha-ah-ah
Wasn't it a bit like now
Huh Mom, huh Dad?
Are all the memories really gone
Gone   of the best darn times
     Gb9          F9 
I'll bet you ever had
Instead of "groovy" it was "mean"
And jeepers, it's wild
Eb                        Edim 
It just doesn't seem that different now
    Bb             /A        /Ab     G7 
The why's are the same, it's just a question of how
Eb                      Edim 
Doesn't it seem a little bit like now
   Bb        /A     /Ab       G7 
I pose this question to your arching brow
    C7  F7     Bb 
Huh Mom,   huh Dad?

Bridge:        Cosmetic progress intensifies
The so-cool look in my baby's eyes
The far-out kids, the kicks they're on
 Bb  (N.C.) 
Obsolete sins, new world's dawn
Three pictures for a quarter in your Carnaby hat
Jet-propelled cars on the Bonneville flats
Slender legs in their paisley best
All tucked away in her mini-dress

repeat chorus
repeat intro to fade

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