All I Have To Give
Backstreet Boys
Backstreet Boys All I Have To Give
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"Backstreet Boys"
All I Have To Give

Intro:        G A Bm  } 2x

        G            A                Bm       G                A         Bm 
I dont know what he does to make you cry, but I'll be there to make you smile
        G      A   Bm     D              G       A        D 
I dont have fancy cars to get to you, I walk a thousand miles
        G           A              Bm               G           A        Bm 
I dont care if he buy's you nice thing's, does his gift's come from the heart?
        G      A                Bm        G                   A         D 
I dont know but if you were my girl, I'll make it sure we'll never be apart

                G     A       Bm                  G         A      Bm 
CHORUS:        But my love is all I have to give, without you I dont think I can live
                G         A       D         G              A       Bm 
I wish I could give the world to you, but  love is all I have to give

When he talks does it seem like his not, been listening to a word you say
That's o.k. baby just tell me all your problem's, I'll my best to kiss them all away
Does he leave when you need him the most, does his friend's get on your side?
Baby please I'm on my knees, begging for a place inside you're heart (?)


 G                      A             Bm            D 
BRIDGE:        (Hey girl) Hey girl, I don't want to hide no more inside
G        A            D               G                 A             D 
All the money in the world can never add up to all the love I have inside

I love you......................................(G ,D ,G ,D )
D           G 
My love is all!!! (i have to give)
without you I dont think I can live, i wish i could the world to you
but love is all I have to give(pause) to you

Repeat Chorus, then Fade)

this song is pretty simple, anyone could figure it out

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