Quit Playing Games
Backstreet Boys
Backstreet Boys Quit Playing Games
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"Backstreet Boys"
Quit Playing Games (with my heart)

INTRO:        A D G D 

             A        D   G                       D 
Even in my heart I feel you're not being true to me
                A       D    G                       D 
deep within my soul I see, nothing's like it used to be
                      A               D 
Sometime's I wish I could turn back time
    G                D 
Impossible as it may seem
but I wish I could
    D     G 
so bad, baby

CHORUS:        Quit playing with my heart (quit palying games with my heart...)
with my heart (before you tear as apart)
with my heart (quit playing games with my heart...)
with my heart
Is should have knowm from the start....

(you just continue this one till the bridge)

Bm                G           D           Bm 
Baby, baby, the love that we had was so strong
                 G           D 
can't keep on hanging on forever
     Bm        G            D 
oh baby baby, this is not right
        G          D 
let's stop this tonight

repeat intro
then fade

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