Silent Hedges
Bauhaus Silent Hedges
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Silent Hedges

Let all notes ring...
------0---0----------0---0----------0---0----------0---0--  Riff 1...
----0---0----------0---0----------0---0----------0---0----  overdubbed a
----------------------------------------------------------  bunch of times
--2------------2-1------------1-2------------2-1----------  w/extra notes
Repeat this a bunch of times over the 1st verse....Vary the picking at the
end of the 3rd line and then.....
------2-2-2-2-2-2-2- Do this right before:
------0-0-0-0-0-0-0- "Works of art with a minimum of steel."
Repeat Riff 1 a couple times and on the "Pure Sensation...The beatiful
downgrade" part do this:
--7-7-7-------6-6-6--- a few times and then let the first chord ring
--7-7-7-------6-6-6--- out right before the bas jumps in with the
--6-6-6-------5-5-5--- distorted riff....
--0-0-0--  Then hit Em repeatedly during the bass riff....then go back to
--0-0-0--  Riff 1...repeat the riffs for the verse and chorus....I don't
--0-0-0--  know the notes for the little solo off hand....anybody?
Well, that's the way I play it, anyway. I think there might be a little
delay (and a lot of overdubbing) on the main riff, so play around with it.
The riffs are real easy to put together if you know the song, but they
might vary a bit...

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