I Need You
Beatles I Need You
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I Need You

A  You don't D  realize how much I A  need Asus2  you. A Asus2 
A  Love you all the D  time and never A  leave Asus2  you. A Asus2 
Please F#m  come on back to C#m  me. I'm F#m  lonely as can C#m 
I A  need Asus2  you.

A  Said you had a D  thing or two to A  tell Asus2  me. A Asus2 
A  How was I to D  know, you would A  upset Asus2  me. A Asus2 
I F#m  didn't C#m  realize, as F#m  I looked in your Bm  eye's.
You A  told me.

Oh, yes you D  told me, you E7  don't want my loving A  anymore.
That's when it D  hurt me, and E7  feeling like this,
I Bm  just can't D  go on E  anymore. E7 

A  Please remember D  how I feel A  about Asus2 . A Asus2 
A  I could never D  really live A  without Asus2  you. A Asus2 
So F#m  come on back and C#m  see. Just F#m  what you mean to Bm  me.
I A  need you. I F#m  need you. I A  need you. A Asus2 A Asus2

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