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VERSE 1:    n.c.                 C                   D7 
This happened once before  When I came to your door
No reply
                    C                D7 
They said it wasn't you  But I saw you peep through
Your window
           Em       Bm 
I saw the light
           Cmaj7    Bm 
I saw the light
                   Am7                 D7 
I know that you saw me  'Cause I looked up to see
Your face

VERSE 2:                   C                 D7 
I tried to telephone  They said you were not home
That's a lie
               C            D7 
'Cause I know where you've been  I saw you walk in
Your door
      Em    Bm 
I nearly died
      Cmaj7    Bm 
I nearly died
              Am7             D7 
'Cause you walked hand in hand  With another man
In my place

Go to CODA after second time through VERSE 2

BRIDGE:              G        B7         E 
If I were you  I'd realize  that I
     Am        C          G 
Love you more  than any other guy
        G          B7     E 
And I'll forgive  the lies  that I
    Am           C        G 
Heard before  when you gave me no reply

Repeat VERSE 2


      Em    Bm 
No reply
      Cmaj7   G6add9 
No reply

   C      D7      G6      G      Em      Bm     Cmaj7      Am7      B7    G6add9 
   o o      o      oooo    ooo    o  ooo           ooo   o        o
||||*|    ||||*|    ||||||  ||||||    ||||||    ||||||    ||||||  ||||*|    ||*|||    ||||||
||*|||    |||*|*    |*||||  |*||||    |**|||    |||||*    ||*|||  ||**||    |*|*|*    |***||
|*||||    ||||||    *|||||  *||||*    ||||||    ||||*|    **||||  |||||*    ||||||    *|||**
The fingering for the G6add9 is a bit awkward so you may want to just
play it as a G  major chord, although it doesn't sound as good.

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