Nobody I Know
Beatles Nobody I Know
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Nobody I Know

C Nobody I know could Dm7 love me G7 more than C you.  Dm7 G7 
C You can give me so much Bb love it seG7 ems unD7 true. G7 
C Listen to the bird who Em sings it in the tree,
Am and the when you've heard him, Ab see if you agree.
C Nobody I know could Dm7 love you G7 more than C me. Dm7 G7 

Everywhere I go the sun comes shining through.
Everyone I know is sure it shines on you.
Even in my dreams I look into your eyes,
suddenly it seems, I've found a paradise.
C Everywhere I go the Dm7 sun comes G7 shining thC rough. D 
G7        C 

Am Means so much to E7 be a part of a A heart of a wonderful C one.
Am When other lovers are C gone, we'll live Dm7 on,     G7 
we'll live C on.   Dm7          G7 

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