Polythene Pam
Beatles Polythene Pam
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Polythene Pam

D/E  A  E } x 2 

E                D   A         E 
Well, you should see Polythene Pam
               D              A            E 
She's so good looking but she looks like a man
                   G                             B 
Well, you should see her in drag, dressed in her polythene bag
                C   D         E 
Yes, you should see Polythene Pam.
C     D     E 
Yeah, yeah, yeah

D/E  A  E } x 2 

Get a dose of her in jackboots and kilt
She's killer diller when she's dressed to the hilt
She's the kind of a girl that makes the _News of the World_
Yes, you could say she was attractively built.
Yeah, yeah, yeah

D/E  A  E } x2 
D  A  E } x 9? 

Geez, while I'm at it, here's She Came in through the Bathroom Window.

A                                D 
She came in through the bathroom window
A         F#m         D 
protected by a silver spoon
A           F#m                 D 
But now she sucks her thumb and wonders
       D7                      A 
by the banks of her own lagoon

 (A)                Dm 
Didn't anybody tell her?
A                   Dm 
Didn't anybody see?
G7                       C 
Sunday's on the phone to Monday
G7                        C         (go to 2/4 for the C )
Tuesday's on the phone to me

She said she'd always been a dancer
Worked in fifteen clubs a day
And though I thought I knew the answer
Well, I knew but I could not say

So I quit the police department
and got myself a steady job
And though she tried her best to help me
she could steal but she could not rob


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