The happy rishikesh song
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Beatles The happy rishikesh song
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(John Lennon)

(Capo 5th fret.)

G  All you need to Em  do is to G  say this little Em  word;
I G  know it sounds abEm surd but it's D  true.
The G  magic in the Em  mantra will G  give you all the Em  answers.
Just G  swallow this, that's D  all you got to G  do.

D  Everything you need is here,
And G  everything that's not here is not there,
And D  if there's something missing in this God almighty plan
G  Could it be you Em  need a G  woman? Em 

First Verse
Second Verse (n. c. on last line)
First Verse
(n. c.) Take three times a day after every meal.
First Verse

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