Belly Thief
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Acoustic guitar in standard tuning
Diagrams for the Chordally Impaired:
  C   F   F'  G   G'  F# 
(Tom plays acoustic guitar by himself, Tanya sings)
C F C 
She wears her dress high
   F                                  G 
As high as she pulls her hat down low
She's seeking out the places
C             F          G 
Those other people can't go
F    C       F C 
And hold her
I'm touched by the sea (I'm touched by the sea)
      F                                            G 
She's walking on water when she walks in her sleep
She's dragging me through places
C       F            G    G' F# F' 
I didn't wanna be seen
         G     C 
She is a liar
         F      G' F# F' 
As i am a thief
(Be)cause of you I came
                    C     F C 
(Be)cause of you i leave
            C               F 
I wanna know (I wanna know)
Why the monsters that hurt you so
Don't look like those things that
C          F       G    G' F# F' 
We battled so long ago
And I thought I did my part
             C               F       C 
When I pulled you out of there
                    G    F     C  F  G    G' F# F' 
That night you left boot-marks on my wall
You are my liar
   C               F        G' F# F' 
So I will be your thief
Because of you I came
(enter band)
C          F     G 
Because of you I leave } x3
C          F          G 
Wake up, baby we are home now } x3
C           F G 
We are home now } x3
C F C 
There ya go,

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