Surgical Buffet
Blood Chunk
Blood Chunk Surgical Buffet
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Surgical Buffet
(Written, Produced & Recorded by "Mikey Mayhem" and "Davey Death")
Released through the facilities of "M&D James Productions".

         G                   C 
VERSE 1:    Surgical buffet,   I eat everyday
                  A                              D 
I love to eat the guts,    But the best part is the nuts

                  G                          C 
VERSE 2:    Crock pot full of gore,    I lick blood off the floor
              A                        D 
I slice up my wife,  With my trusty knife

               G                         C 
VERSE 3:    Scalped with a fork,  Tastes better than pork
                   A                     D 
Teeth marks in the skin,  Soon we'll dig in
In our surgical buffet...
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