Bank Holiday
Blur Bank Holiday
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1994 - Parklife
Bank Holiday

A                             G 
Grandma has new dentures
       A                     G 
To eat the crust of pizza
           A                        G 
Been taken out by her daughter
A                                G 
Because she thought she ought'a
        A                       G 
The kids are eating snickers
A                               G 
Because they're so delicious
A                              G 
Then there's sticky fingers
A                         G     B    C 
And mother loses her knickers

            Eb                Bb              C 
Chorus:        Bank holiday comes six times a year
                   Eb                      Bb             C 
Days of enjoyment to which everybody cheers
            Eb                 Bb                     C 
Bank holiday comes with six pack of beer
                     C  Bb   G 
......then its back to work A.G.A.I.N.

A                     G 
Bar-b-que is cooking
A                     G 
Sausages and chicken
          A           G 
The patio is buzzing
          A                                G 
The neighbours they are looking
A                         G 
John is down the fun pub
A                         G 
Drinking lots of lager
A                           G 
Girls and boys are on the game
A                                    G    B    C 
And all the high streets look the same


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