End Of A Century
Blur End Of A Century
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1994 - Parklife, 2000 - The Best Of Blur
End Of The Century

This is for us American fans who don't have the words/music in
the album. I'm sure it's desperately needed by a few fans (like

Intro:        G  F  G  F  G  F  C 

         G            Gmaj7 
She says there's ants in the carpet
Em              Em with D 
Dirty little monsters
Eb               D 
Eating all the morsels
Bm               C 
Picking up the rubbish
G            Gmaj7 
Give her effervescence
    Em               Em with D 
She needs a little sparkle
Eb          D 
Good morning t.v.
       Bm          C 
You're looking so healthy
Em         D 
We all say don't want to be alone
Em             D 
We wear the same clothes cause we feel the same
Em          D               C 
And kiss with dry lips when we say g'night
C        B C 
End of a century, oh it's nothing special
Sex on the t.v.
Everybody's at it
And the mind gets dirty
As you get closer to thirty
He gives her a cuddle, glowing in a huddle
Good night t.v., you're all made up
And you're looking like (me)
(repeat chorus)
G   F   G   F    G   F   C 
Can you eat her, yes you can
(repeat chorus 2x)
(This is all correct, it's straight from the band's notes!!!)

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