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(on "Bang" 12" and CD singles)

(I haven’t heard this yet, I got this out of the UK Blur fanzine called "Blurb"
-thanks Martin!)

It’s pointless to explain why       ---
There’s nothing I can say         |
My words would all be meaningless    |  G
Anyway                   ---
It seems I can’t be trusted       ---
And I don’t disagree             |
What made you ever think I really    |  G
Wanted to be               ---
I can’t explain why
A#         C 
And I don’t know when
G          A# 
I’m ever going to want to
C    D 
See her again
So don’t ask why I came here        ---
There’s nothing I can say          |
I don’t think I’ll be staying very long      |  G
Anyway                    ---
I’m trying to find out why     ---
I came here at all           |
I don’t think it was to see you       |  G
After all             ---

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