Blur Jubilee
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1994 - Parklife

A                        E 
Jubilee slouches in the settee
           D                            F      G 
He's losing all the will to move
A                         E 
He's gone divvy, too much telly
D                                 F                              G 
He's watching twenty four hours of rubbish
A                        E                      D 
He's got butane, he's got plastic bags
                                        F         G 
And his eyes are going square (oh yeah)
A                          E 
He's no raver just anti social
D                           F             G 
He's not going to cut his hair

D                                                                        E 
Chorus:        He dresses incorrectly....no one told him how to do it
E                                         A 
He dresses incorrectly....seventeen he not mean enough
D                                                     E                  A 
He dresses incorrectly....talk to the girls but he's just too spotty
D                                     C                                  Bb              A 
He dresses incorrectly....not keen on being like anyone else

(Verse 2: Same chords as Verse 1)
Jubilee's dad, Billy Banker
Thinks his son is aslob
Should get out more stop scabbing
He should go out and get a job
No, he just plays on his computer games (reprise)

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