Slow Down
Blur Slow Down
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1991 - Leisure
Slow Down

You'll probably agree when I say that this is one of the better songs on
the album. The guitar is just put through a distortion pedal with varying
degrees of overdrive throughout the entire song. Here she is:
|---3---3---------0---------    -----0--0----------0----    -------------------
|---0---0--h3p0---1---h3p1--    -----2--2--h3p2----1----    -------------------
|---0---0---------0--------- x2 -----2--2----------0---- x2 ---2/4-------------
|---0---0---------2---------    -----2--2----------2----    ---------5---------
|---2---2---------3---------    -----0--0----------3----    -------------------
|---3---3-------------------    ------------------------    --1st time only----
      G           C                   A            C 
                                      Note:  h = hammer on    p = pull off
Here's the chord pattern:
G          C   G           C   A                 C    A              C 
Its up to you, you know it is, I can't convince you, all you have to do is
slow down...   etc.
Then there's that cool part:
G           A#       C      F       F     Ab     Eb    A# 
aahhhhhhhh, ooowooo oooooo oooooo, ooooo oooooo ooooo ooooo
wow, that looks even funnier typed out. I did this from memory and I'm not
really sure if I've got it correct, so beware.

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