The Universal
Blur The Universal
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1995 - The Great Escape, 2000 - The Best Of Blur
The Universal

Intro A C#m7  (tihs is one bar, the intro isfour bars long)
A                   C#m7 
This is the next century
A                   C#m7 
Where the universal's free
E                  Bm 
You can find it anywhere
E                     Bm 
Yes the future's been sold
A                 C#m7 
Every night we're gone
A                 C#m7 
And to karaoke songs
E               Bm 
We like to sing along
E                    Bm 
Though the words are wrong
   Asus4 A Asus4 A Asus4 A Asus4 D     E 
It really, really, really could happen
       Asus4 A Asus4 A Asus4 A Asus4 D     E 
Yes it really, really, really could happen
When the days they seem to fall through you
     D    C#m      Bm   E 
Well just let them go
Second verse has the same chords as the first. It is preceeded by two bars
of A C#m7  (the horns intro in the song). Watch out for the line with no
words here.
No one here is alone
Satellites in every home
Yes the universal's here
Here for everyone
Every paper that you read
Says tomorrow's your lucky day
Well, here's your lucky day
Chorus twice
Play the instrumental chorus to fade.

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