This Is A Low
Blur This Is A Low
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1994 - Parklife, 2000 - The Best Of Blur
This Is A Low

A lovely song that I couldn't wait to get the chords for so I could
play it. Enjoy!
(sorry I couldn't pick out the intro...)
E     Bm         A              C#m 
And into the sea goes pretty England and me
C           Bm         E 
Around the Bay of Biscay and back for tea
E               Bm 
Hitting traffic on the dogger bank
A            C#m 
Up the Thames to find a taxi rank
C            Bm         E 
Sail on by with the tide and fall asleep
(and the radio says...)
E      D    E         Am 
This is a low...but it won't hurt you
E         D    E           Am      Bm 
When you're will be there when you
C        Bm     E 
Finding ways to stay solo
E               Bm 
On the tyne, forth and cromarty
A             C#m 
There's a low in the high 40's
      C             Bm 
(and) Saturday's locked away on the pier
Not fast enough dear
E      Bm       A           C#m 
On the malin head, blackneel looks blue and red
        C           Bm 
And the queen, she's gone `round the bend
Jumped off Land's End
(repeat chorus, then middle, then repeat chorus 2x)

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