Trouble In The Message Centre
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Blur Trouble In The Message Centre
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1994 - Parklife
Trouble On THE Message Centre

G                A                Db    Eb 
I am the message centre
G        A      Db  Eb 
Local and direct
G                              A        Db                                    Eb 
Room to room an operator (no calls today dear, they'll just have to wait dear)
G            A                  Db                             Eb 
I call and I collect (so just strike him softly away from the body)
Bbm                        Dbm             Abm               B 
You're made up too shiny today (in so much trouble)
Bbm                       Dbm            Abm               B 
Thoughts are just pissing away                 "
Bbm                     Dbm             Abm        B 
A new type face a new day                      "
Bbm                                 Dbm            Abm        B 
You can't remember ten minutes ago.
             E      F# 
It's too much trouble

Middle 8 up half a tone, so that's (Bm      D    Am    C      x4) (then E    F# )


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