Destination Anywhere
Bon Jovi
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"Destination Anywhere"
Destination Anywhere

Chords used:    G   320022
D   xx0232
A   x02220
C   x32010
Em  022000

Intro:        G D A 

G              D            A 
Hey Babe, it's me parked outside your house,
G                 D                      A 
I know that he's asleep, so listen to me now,
G                                         D                   A 
Darlin', I'm tired of living just in your dreams, I'm getting out,
You know we both sold our souls,
D                              C               A 
We're just growing old in this sleepy dead-end town,

Em          C 
Chorus:        Destination Anywhere,
G                  D 
Name the place and I'll be there,
Em                   C            D 
Pack a bag and we're outta here - let's run

Bridge:        When these wheels spin, they can all our dust,
Em                                            D 
As far as I'm concerned, this whole town lost its nuts,
Em                                C 
We won't be here when they put us down,
             G                          D 
It's our big chance and I'm calling you now,
NC - (keyboards + piano part)
They'll never let us go unless we try
I'm tired of living just to die,
We're getting outta here, destination anywhere
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